Architecture and Social Sciences

The restructuring that led to the establishment of the Faculty of Architecture and Social Sciences on 1 January 2014 strengthened the teaching and research profiles of HTWK Leipzig both in the field of building design and construction and in social work. At the same time, this interdisciplinary faculty creates synergies that are particularly evident in Leipzig as a centre of higher education, focusing on the theme of urban development and exploring new approaches in teaching and research that can make important contributions to the profile of HTWK Leipzig as a whole. Social change, architecture, urban society and social work form a complex of interrelated themes, as reflected in project-based learning that combines both the engineering and social science aspects of the Faculty. 

Our bachelor’s and master’s degree courses in Architecture will in future be the only courses available for studying Architecture at a university of applied sciences in Saxony following the implementation of the Higher Education Development Plan drawn up by the Saxon State Ministry of Science and the Arts, under which the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Applied Sciences WHZ Zwickau was incorporated into HTWK Leipzig on 1 September 2015 and its courses phased out. Our bachelor’s and master’s degree courses in Social Work are unique among Saxony’s state institutions of higher education in offering the opportunity to study social sciences with a focus on the urban context. In their teaching and research, both fields cultivate close contacts with Leipzig City Council and regularly intensify this relationship through new projects; they also cooperate extensively with exchange partners both in Germany and abroad.